How eBooks Boost Credibility for Your Brand

How eBooks Boost Credibility for Your Brand

Follow these 7 steps to create thought leadership for your brand. It will also pull in new business.

By Paul Clinton

How can you create authority for your brand in a world of skimmed, social posts and “quick reads” that scratch the surface of what you offer?

Enter the eBook. This premium content offering provides an opportunity for you to tell your story in a deep, authentic way that leaves the reader with a much greater appreciation of your company.

An eBook is also a powerful lead-generating tool for your inbound marketing funnel, especially when you promote it. You’ve just created a magnet for potential customers.

Let’s lay out seven key steps for creating a compelling eBook that helps to bring you potential customers:

Step 1: Choose a topic – You want to solve your customers’ pain points, so write about something that touches a deep chord and provides ideas to improve their business.

Step 2: Identify your team – You’ll need to select a writer with deep understanding of the subject, as well as identifying a graphics artist and a plan to promote the finished work. Luckily, The Write Way has your back!

Step 3: Understand your audience – Who is the eBook written for? The content will need to be written with a specific persona or job role in mind.

Step 4: Plan the content – Longer-form content requires more pre-planning. Develop a title and outline that give you a road map to follow.

Step 5: Write the eBook – An eBook is essentially an article with smaller sections that link together to reinforce a bigger idea. It’s basically like writing five to 10 blog posts and connecting them to the overall topic. It’s important to include authoritative statistics, use a non-salesy tone and, if possible, include quotes from recognized experts.

Step 6: Lay it out – Work with your graphic designer to create stat or quote pull-outs, charts and graphics, or other eye-catching elements to bring the idea to life.

Step 7: Promote the eBook – Investing in premium content requires an investment in promoting the content. Posting it on a static page on your website won’t help your potential customers find it. You’ll need an SEM. (Search Engine Marketing) campaign or use email promotion to get it out there.

And those are the key steps.

The Write Way can help. Contact us if you’d like help with this powerful form of highly authoritative content!