How to Approach Blogging for Your Business

How to Approach Blogging for Your Business

Answer these 7 questions to produce business blogs that maximize reader engagement.

By Paul Clinton

What kind of a blog post best serves your business?

Blogging has become an important tool in brand-building strategies, because it’s a fast way to deliver information on a targeted topic.

Unlike longer-form content such as eBooks, whitepapers, sponsored articles, or even case studies, blogs can be created and posted more quickly. They can serve as the backbone of a weekly (or higher frequency) content cadence that continuously puts your voice of authority in front of potential customers.

Let’s answer these 6 questions about whether a blog supports your inbound marketing funnel.

Question 1: Does it address a compelling topic? Your blog should speak to the operational pain points of your customers. In other words, write about a topic that hits home, rather than your company’s award or personnel move.

Question 2: Does the blog have a catchy title? Your blog post title should create intrigue by using a resonant key word or asking a question. Don’t be afraid to appeal to emotion and be specific.

Question 3: Does your intro pull in the reader? Use a relatable anecdote, a strong thesis statement, or briefly mention your connection to the topic.

Question 4: Did you avoid a salesy tone? Writing that teaches rather than sells is always more effective. Think about how you react when those solar salesmen knock on your door. You’ll keep your audience by giving them something actionable for their business.

Question 5: Did you stay focused? Blogs are short-form writing, so just make 3-5 points. Stay on topic, so you don’t veer into an “old man story” tone that rambles rather than informs.

Question 6: Did you propose solutions? Readers of business content want help running their business more effectively, so propose specific recommendations. How can the reader implement your ideas?

Question 7: Did you consider SEO? Remember we’re all at the mercy of Google to some degree. Make sure your title and first paragraph align. Don’t stuff your blog with keywords, but tactically insert them higher up so your blog isn’t invisible to search engines.

There you have it. Answer these 7 questions so you produce blogs that your potential customers will actually read.

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