Why You Need Content for Your Marketing Funnel

Why You Need Content for Your Marketing Funnel

Engaging customers in a conversation, rather than a sales pitch, will often bring better business results.

By Paul Clinton

Establishing authority. Let’s look at how this can be a crucial differentiator that sets a business apart from its competition.

Aggressive sales approaches often bring limited results in the long run, because high pressure tactics usually repel rather than attract. It’s a little but like the solar panel salesman who won’t leave your porch, even though you’ve given him four reasons why you’re not interested.

Isn’t it better to create magnetism around your product and services? Isn’t it better to create a conversation about how you can help?

Marketing content such as eBooks, blogs, videos, and podcasts allow you to approach your potential customers in a more resonant way, by speaking to their true business pain points and offering a solution-based approach. Building a business culture that’s customer-centric rather than company-centric pays long-term dividends.

It creates a halo over your offering, and lets you be seen more as a thought leader than a director or VP. Thought leadership builds credibility and trust.

Selling doesn’t accomplish this. Content does.

When we create high levels of credibility and trust, we create a magnet effect that often brings quicker deal closings, more repeat business, and increased referrals.

When we create authoritative content for our customers, we bring them into a conversation rather than a sales pitch.

Think back to the conversations you’ve had over a drink after a trade show or while eating lunch with a friend. These chats are more conversational, less tense, and many times very enlightening.

If you can bring a conversational tone to your customer interactions, you’ll go deeper into your customer’s world. You’ll learn what challenges they truly need to solve. Customers begin to perceive your sales team members as subject matter experts who are providing actionable information.

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